Caribbean Kayaking Tour info:

Located in the City of Marathon at Mile Marker 49 1/2. Caribbean Kayaking Tours provides locally guided kayak adventures, fixed in the heart of the Florida Keys, we guide guest on the beautiful water ways of the Caribbean Sea, under natural mangrove canopies, and over some of the best coral reefs in North America. Caribbean Kayaking provides education, relaxation, and adventure to all who wish to paddle.

Having several tours available daily, launching from Marathon’s two main public beaches. Caribbean Kayaking schedules tours based on tides. As the current is not the same everyday, we schedule tours to benefit our guests and accommodate for changing weather patters.

Available Tours include:

Mangrove Eco-tour: The mangrove Eco-tour leaves from Sombrero Beach in Marathon and tours around the island known as Boot Key. The tour is 3.7 miles long and goes for about 2.5 – 3 hours depending on paddlers. The tour goes beneath natural mangrove canopies, into secluded flats, and over a variety of wild life. Your guide will be filling you in on the history of the area as well as detailing and displaying the wild life of this special area.

Open flats Eco-tour: Launching from Marathon’s public Coco Plum beach, we will paddle down the shore line over shallow bay bottoms, secluded to only kayaks and paddle boards. We will explore the open water way, discovering what lives in the sea grass bellow and checking in on what fish and aquatic life may be hiding along the roots of the mangroves. This tour is about 3.5 miles long and goes for around 3 hours.

Sunset Kayak tour: Having stunning sunsets all year round, no Keys vacation is complete till you have seen the sun set over the water. Dropping in to the N. Caribbean Sea, we will paddle out to a clear water way over looking the horizon and share in a Keys sunset. On special nights a fortunate few may see the legendary green flash in remarkable spender.

Backyard kayak adventure: We also provide custom tours for those seeking more adventure. If you happen to be staying in the City of Marathon or Key Colony Beach and have water access, we can even meet you at your residence for a custom private tour. We will drop in and explore the waters right off of your property, taking a closer look at the area surrounding your neighborhood while finding the unique critters that also call the area home.

All are welcome. We tailor fit every tour to each group’s needs, desires, and abilities. With thousands of hours of hands-on experience, our guides have had the chance to lead guests from every continent on the globe, from excited toddlers to adventurous ninety year olds.

Tours are available daily, weather permitting.

Mangrove and open water tours cost $60 per person and include, fully equipped kayak, seat, and paddle, along with a bottle of water. Our tours are just over 3.5 miles long and go for about two and a half to three hours. Dress to get wet and  don’t forget your bring suntan lotion.

Beginners and experts are all welcome. Every tour will begin with a short introduction and paddle walk through, before heading off on your adventure.

For more information and to book your adventure, call: 305-504-4528

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Book your next meeting on the water. Call for reservations (305) 504-4528

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