Rating of LED lamps for cars

Rating of LED lamps for cars

Agree, just yesterday, the Commercial Room for Sale-manual.pdf term LED lamps was the same for all products of new technology. And now there is such a variety of models and varieties on the market that you need a guide to the best ones. The team of the RoMax Group online store has prepared a rating for you, which includes the best LED lamps for cars.

Criteria for evaluation.

Our auto lamp rating is based on an unbiased comparison of key performance indicators from different models. The main selection criteria are:

Colorful temperature; luminous intensity – the intensity of the luminous flux and the cut-off line; size, type of base (compatibility with car models); LED type; the duration of the service life; energy costs; material of manufacture; manufacturer.

As practice shows, the most popular lamps for cars, as a rule, turn out to be of the highest quality. This is due to the fact that motorists are suspicious of new products and prefer to carefully check each parameter.

Colorful temperature.

Color temperature is an indicator that indicates to which color spectrum the produced light beam belongs. Measured in Kelvin (K). With regard to shades of light, three spectra are distinguished:

warm; neutral; cold.

Warm color spectrum (3000-4500 K) includes combinations of orange-red, orange and orange-yellow colors. This kind of lighting seems cozy and relaxing, but it’s not always useful in auto lighting. Best of all, these shades manifest themselves in fog lights (PTF), daytime running lights (DRL), dimensions and signal lights.

The neutral spectrum (5000-7000 K) is pure white light. Depending on the color temperature, a yellowish or bluish tint can be seen in the beam. Lighting of this type shows itself perfectly in head lighting (low-high beam, PTF).

The cold color spectrum (8000-9500 K) includes rays of blue, blue and blue-lilac shades. This type of light is difficult to use for high-quality lighting in a car. It is often used as a decorative addition to the main lighting elements in headlights, or as a DRL. It is better not to install components with this beam color in PTF, since it is easily dispersed in fog and does not give the desired effect.

Contrary to popular belief that LED auto lamps are only bright white, the range of auto light elements may include models with different color temperatures.

Some drivers mistakenly believe that the best LED headlamps are those with the highest color temperature. However, the most effective in terms of lighting and safety are shades in the neutral spectrum. So the figure of 5000-6500 K is the closest to daylight, because the light beam of this shade is the least stressful to the eyes. This means that it allows you to better concentrate on the road. At the same time, if we talk about the general system of automotive lighting, bulbs of all colors can be used here.

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